Computer Science and Art GATE enrichment programs

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Our 13th year of summer computer technology enrichment programs combines collaborative learning, reality-based problem solving, and critical thinking while using state of the art computer software supported by hands-on experiences. Our trained staff works with students, age 8-16  student to focus on the individual’s needs. 

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Animation    Artists create computer animations using professional photo and art editing software and 3D-animation modeling programs. Individual and team hands-on video animations are created by manipulating objects, clay and cell techniques. An ambitious animator could create 7 different styles of animations this week. The animation festival is on the last day!

Robotics    LEGO MindstormŽ is one option for robotic inventions in this session. Teams also make moving creations from spare computer parts. “RoboGames” games and puzzles provide challenges for the designers to demonstrate their skill and robot designs. Logic, discovery and problem solving software support an inventor’s investigation in robotics. Let the games begin! 

Digital Art   Students use professional photo and art editing software to enhance and build photo presentations of the pictures they take with a digital camera. We also work in traditional black and white photos giving them an experience of working with their prints in a darkroom. Students work on many methods to present their art at our Friday art show. 

Medieval Times  Travel back in time to explore and create during a time when windmills, cannons, the compass, the printing press, and gunpowder were invented. Experiment with 14th century warfare mechanisms, navigation, chemistry, and construct a bridge or castle tower. Software supporting this week is focused on strategies used in building Civilizations, Age of Empires, Colonization, Call to Power, Heroes of Might and Magic and other turn based strategy games. Last day is tournament time!

Express yourself    Express your ideas with style using print media, video and digital presentations. Students make their own character books on handmade paper. We encourage 3D and pop-up construction to display their ideas. PowerPoint and art programs are used to record and time a presentation about your collections, favorite musician, or movie star. Campers team up to make a commercial, music video or creative project. Friday afternoon is show time !


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